Sports Massage

Sports massage is primarily a deep tissue massage based on Swedish massage techniques. Sports massage is one of the most effective therapies for releasing muscle tension and restoring the muscles to their original properties. Regular sports massage can leave you feeling supple, with less tension and a better musculoskeletal balance.

Anyone can benefit from a sports massage, you do not have to have a sports related injury. General tightness can come from poor posture and stress and this can be eased using sports massage along with stretching techniques.

Other examples of non-sports related injuries include pulling a muscle whilst doing the housework, poor lifting technique or a general trip or fall.

Sports massage can improve:

  • Circulation
  • Lymphatic Flow
  • Muscle length and tone
  • Healing process
  • Reduce swelling
  • Scar tissue
  • Removal of metabolic waste
  • and much more…

Our massage treatments range from 30 minutes up to 90 minutes (we recommend 60 minutes for your first appointment with us).

Up to 90 minutes massage – £65
Up to 75 minutes massage – £55
Up to 60 minutes massage – £45
Up to 45 minutes massage – £35
Up to 30 minutes massage – £30

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Sports (deep tissue) Massage

Have recently had my very first sports massage at the clinic. The therapist diagnosed the problem area, within 5 minutes after 8 weeks in pain. Great massage, yes painful at times but as it should be, and just the right amount of pressure. Came away with a lot less pain (even a week later) and some exercises to do at home. Will definitely be booking a follow up and would have no hesitation in recommending the clinic.